You can place the Paeonia excellent outside on the terrace or on the balcony. In the fall, when the Paeonia has ceased blossoming, you can plant the Paeonia in the open ground and it will come back every year for many years. There is a diverse range where you can choose from.

The Paeonia in pot is a plant that comes back every year. The tuber can become 30 years old with ease. In the fall, when the peony has ceased blossoming is you can prune it short and the peony will come back next year. Please remember to not cut off the flowers, because the bloom attendance will decrease stronly next year.

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Peony Paeonia Jadwiga

Paeonia Jadwiga


Color: Pink

Peony Paeonia Buckeye Belle

Paeonia Buckeye Belle


Color: Darkred

Peony Paeonia Bowl of Beauty

Paeonia Bowl of Beauty


Color: Pink/yellow

Peony Paeonia Shirley Temple

Paeonia Shirley Temple


Color: Pink/white

Peony Paeonia Dr Alexander Fleming

Paeonia Dr. Alexander Fleming


Color: Pink

Peony Paeonia Karl Rosenfield

Paeonia Karl Rosenfield


Color: Pink

Peony Paeonia Red Charm

Paeonia Red Charm


Color: Red

Peony Paeonia Itoh Bartzella

Paeonia Itoh Bartzella


Color: Yellow

Peony Paeonia Wladyslava

Paeonia Wladyslawa


Color: Pink

Peony Paeonia Peregrina

Paeonia Peregrina


Color: Red

Peony Paeonia Jan van Leeuwen

Paeonia Jan v. Leeuwen


Color: White/yellow

Peony Paeonia Coral Charm

Paeonia Coral Charm


Color: Orange

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