Thornless Evergreen has it's origins in Europe, it is one of the oldest thornless varieties that exists. 'Thornless Evergreen' grows much less than the still most famous prickly 'Himalaya' and is therefore much better suited for small gardens. The fruits ripen from early August to late September. They are bigger than Himalaya, firm and they taste good. Moreover, the 'Thornless Evergreen' is less vulnerable for diseases.


Thornless blackberries are usually grow tethered with wires. The rule is that they are planted with about 125 cm space between each plant, after planting pruned short (up to 30 cm) and the twigs that grow are then tethered (about 6 to 7 per linear meter).


Plants can be pruned every year from November to March. The worn-out fruit branches are then removed, as well as spiny basal shoots.

 'Thornless Evergreen' blooms in the period July-August, the fruits ripen into September. Provide adequate nutrition and organic material in the soil. In the spring give a substantial amount of organic fertilizer.

Thornless Evergreen


Pot size 24 cm


Height: 85 cm


Blooming period: July-August


Riping period: August-September

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